About Us

Founded in 2014, Raya is a Lagos-based jewellery brand designed to empower women who love fashion. We craft unique, high-quality pieces using semi-precious stones, each meticulously chosen for its beauty, color, and shape.

Our playful mix of popular stones like pearls and turquoise alongside hidden gems like chalcedony and labradorite creates one-of-a-kind accessories that add a touch of vibrant sophistication to any outfit.

With Raya, you'll never have to compromise on style or quality. Explore our collection and discover pieces that will make you look and feel your most confident self.

Raya creates limited-edition jewellery that empowers women to embrace their individuality. Each piece is a bold statement of elegance and class, designed for the discerning woman with impeccable taste.

Since its inception, Raya has become a leading name in Nigerian jewellery. It has captured the hearts of Nigerian and international celebrities, bloggers, and tastemakers. Spotted on red carpets and in feature films, Raya's designs have garnered critical acclaim from media outlets like Vogue Portugal and Vogue.com.

With a loyal following and growing international presence, Raya continues to redefine luxury with timeless pieces designed to make you feel uniquely beautiful.

Raya's exquisite jewellery adorns women worldwide, stocked in prestigious stores across Nigeria and shipped internationally. Our vibrant designs, infused with the spirit of African fashion, empower women to express their unique beauty.

Explore our collections online and discover how Raya can elevate your style. Join our global community and embrace the joy of looking fabulous. Don't forget to share your Raya glow with your friends! Tag us on social media and spread the love.

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